The Free Spirit Gift Card

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The Free Spirit is our most flexible option, offering riders a bank of 300 minutes to use however and whenever they like, over days, months or years. When a bike is removed from a Biki Stop, the clock starts.  When it's docked back into a Biki Stop, the clock stops.  Riders can check their remaining minutes on the app, website or at any Biki Stop kiosk! It is perfect for the spontaneous rider who will use Biki here and there but is not ready to commit to a monthly plan.

A rider should not incur Extra Time fees on this plan unless they ride over 300 minutes without reloading. If that happens, they will automatically revert to $5 per each 30 minutes of ride time (or fraction of 30 minutes) until they reload their minutes or dock their bike.

Select a gift option and we’ll email you an e-gift certificate containing a valid promotion code within 48 hours valid for one Free Spirit. To redeem the promotion code, the recipient will need to sign up for an account with his/her credit or debit card, or apply the promotion code to their existing Biki account. You will only be billed for the gift card + tax and will not be charged for any additional fees the rider may incur.

If you purchase multiple gifts, you will receive separate e-gift certificates containing each promotion code. Taxes will be applied to all gift card purchases. Gift cards are non-refundable, non-transferable and only valid for the subscription of purchase. They have no cash value.

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